Short Film (21mn) 2018


Director : Vadim Alsayed
Production : La Femis

Starring Christophe Montenez, Sylvia Bergé, Florie-May Augagneur

Eliot hasn't seen his family for years. After suffering a family tragedy, both his mother and sister try to get him off his seclusion. That's an opportunity for Eliot to be reunited with his family. Will he grasp this opportunity ?

  • Writters : Vadim Alsayed
  • Music composer : Andrea Boccadoro
  • Producer : Flore Cavigneaux et Caroline Demopoulos
  • Dop : Vadim Alsayed
  • Camera Op. : Victor Zyński
  • Ad. Camera Op. : Paloma Pineda
  • Steadicam Op. : Gilles Feron
  • 1st AC : Céline Erb

Arri Alexa Plus / Zeiss Master Primes

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